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void org::eclipse::cdt::debug::internal::ui::views::disassembly::DisassemblyView::rulerContextMenuAboutToShow ( IMenuManager  menu  )  [inline, protected]

Sets up the ruler context menu before it is made visible.

menu the menu

Definition at line 799 of file DisassemblyView.java.

References addAction().

Referenced by getContextMenuListener().

            menu.add( new Separator( ITextEditorActionConstants.GROUP_REST ) );
            menu.add( new Separator( IWorkbenchActionConstants.MB_ADDITIONS ) );
            addAction( menu, IInternalCDebugUIConstants.ACTION_TOGGLE_BREAKPOINT );
            addAction( menu, IInternalCDebugUIConstants.ACTION_ENABLE_DISABLE_BREAKPOINT );
            addAction( menu, IInternalCDebugUIConstants.ACTION_BREAKPOINT_PROPERTIES );

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