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static void org::eclipse::cdt::make::internal::core::scannerconfig::ScannerConfigUtil::removeSymbolEntryValue ( String  symbol,
Map  symbolEntryMap 
) [inline, static]

Removes a symbol value from the symbol entry. If it was an only value than it symbol entry will be removed alltogether.

symbolEntryMap map of [symbol's key, symbolEntry]

Definition at line 212 of file ScannerConfigUtil.java.

References getSymbolKey(), getSymbolValue(), org::eclipse::cdt::make::internal::core::scannerconfig::util::SymbolEntry::numberOfValues(), and org::eclipse::cdt::make::internal::core::scannerconfig::util::SymbolEntry::remove().

            String key = getSymbolKey(symbol);
            String value = getSymbolValue(symbol);
            // find it in the discoveredSymbols Map of SymbolEntries
            SymbolEntry se = (SymbolEntry) symbolEntryMap.get(key);
            if (se != null) {
                  if (se.numberOfValues() == 0) {

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